Classics & Freestyle DJ and producer Playboyz (John Wijdoogen) has been fascinated by dance music from a really young age. He was only 12 when he started to learn how to DJ. Where other kids went to the local pub, he visited all kinds of dance events. When he was 16 he had the chance to work at the local record store. This place played a major role in his development as an artist. It gave him the inspiration and platform to create his own unique style. He learned to think out of the box, which you can still hear in his live sets nowadays. Everything is possible as long as the crowd goes crazy.
But DJing alone wasn’t enough. He wanted create his own music and with success. His tracks are very popular by the biggest names in the hard dance scene. With releases on massive labels like Scantraxx, Dirty Workz, Noize Junky, Zoo Records and Foolish he build up an impressive discography. This resulted in remix requests for major artists such as Menthal Theo, Coone, Mark with a K, Dr. Rude and Dance Nation.
After his first successful release in 2004 as Playboyz, the legendary DJ Pavo asked him to join his XQlusive event by Q-Dance. A dream came true. Not many DJ’s can say that their first official gig was at the prestigious Heineken Music Hall, but he did it. But DJ Pavo wasn’t the only dj that saw his talent. None other than DJ Dana asked him to join her label and agency. This was a great boost for his career. More big gigs came in and by now he has a imposing list of performances. Tomorrowland, Defqon 1, Pussylounge, Reverze, Bassleader, Q-Base (DE), Summerburst (SWE), The Qontinent, Sensation Black, Hardbass, Dance Valley and Nature One (DE) are just a few of the great events he played at. Today he is still on top of his game, playing at the biggest events around. He does it with the same drive and passion as the day he started. You’ll rarely find a artist who is more dedicated to the music and his crowd as Playboyz.